Aluminum Systems


EXALCO S.A. The aluminum industry was founded in 1973 with headquarters in Larissa. As an integral part of the Greek history of aluminum, the name of the company is linked to the tradition, experience, development and quality of its products and services.

Exalco is an integrated industrial unit that produces aluminum profiles, with the capacity to cover all modern architectural and structural needs. All Exalco people are focused on the continuous improvement and development of the services provided, offering quality products with respect and sensitivity to the natural and social environment. At present, Exalco has developed an extensive sales network in domestic and foreign markets and rightly occupies the leading position in the field of aluminum extrusion in Greece.

Our establishment (52,228 m2) on a private 178,872 m2 plot located in Larissa includes:

-Extrusion units consist of five presses of 1,100 tons, 1,600 tons, 1,750 tons, 2,200 tons, and 2,840 tons, respectively, with a production capacity of 45,000 tons per year well as a section that produces extrusion molds.

- Surface treatment and anodizing unit with fully automated machines and a capacity of 6,000 tons per year, offering high levels of quality. New anodizing unit for INOX color - anodizing with a capacity of 9 shades per day.

-Vertical coating system unit that produces 10,100 tons per year.

-Horizontal coating system unit producing 5,000 tons per year.

-Powder paint unit for wood, marble imitation (fantasy) with V.I.V. DECORAL method, and annual production capacity of 1000 tons.

Today, Exalco is made up of two overseas branches, Exalco Romania S.R.L. in Bucharest and Exalco Bulgaria S.R.L. in Sofia, and has developed an extensive sales network in domestic and foreign markets.

  • Aluminum profiles for general industrial and structural applications.
  • Aluminum systems (ALBIO) for doors, windows, building facades, hallways, and many other architectural constructions.
  • Aluminum shade systems (Albio Solar)
  • Aluminum railing systems (Exrail system)
  • EXALCO-BOND aluminum composite panels.
  • Aluminum systems for support bases and aluminum frames for photovoltaic parks, roofs, and industrial roofs
  • Accessories and other additional products.
  • Vertical and horizontal painting system available in a wide range of colors.
  • V.I.V. DECORAL for wood or marble style imitations and for the "Fantasy" pattern collection.
  • Unit of anodizing of new color in stainless steel.

EXALCO buildings with a significant presence in countries such as Italy, Romania, France, Bulgaria, Nigeria, Canada, America, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Greece offer a variety of systems in modern and traditional applications/constructions, indicating the flexibility of aluminum profiles and a wide dynamic offer to its customers around the world.


From the huge Eqho glass skyscraper in France to the traditional ING office building in Bulgaria, and the Cargo airport terminal in Qatar, to the Tadawul skyscraper in Saudi Arabia, Exalco is taking on exciting projects that truly highlight the practicality and beauty of its products.


The projects are carried out with the well-known Albio systems or with orders for unique profiles, to satisfy the most demanding architectural applications.

Exalco, one of the main sectors in aluminum extrusion, is always at the forefront of developments, continually developing products and services innovations.

Its objective is to create new products and the continuous improvement of its systems to meet the qualitative and functional needs of the changing market. For this reason, it has a research and development department made up of experienced and professional engineers, which are continuously developing and monitor the emerging forward-looking trends in the aluminum industry.

Exalco continually invests in technology and human resources to create new innovative systems at the service of the construction world, promote the development and offer integrated solutions in the field of architecture and the general public.

Among the company's novelties is the new aluminum system for the Albio 135 Super Thermo entrance door. This system is a pioneer at European level because it offers maximum insulation (Uf = 0.6 w / m2K), compared to the corresponding systems, and sets high standards in any new building or building renovation. It also guarantees maximum protection, thanks to its four-position locking mechanism, which is automatically activated when the door is closed and locks at 3 points. In contrast, the corresponding 4-point locked door lock gives the system Comprehensive protection and security against theft. Supports all kinds of technological systems such as the installation of fingerprint recognition mechanism, opening with digital entry code, etc.

Finally, by investing in the production process's technology, Exalco owns one of the exclusive technologies in the world. It is a new machine, which incorporates a double extrusion of special rubber in the profile, high standards and excellent quality that guarantees a perfect fit and maximum grip of the frame. The fabricator frees himself from unnecessary manual labor by delivering a complete product and reduces the cost and time of frame construction. Exalco is the only company in the world that has this technology.

Exalco, as a principle of having products of high quality, operates a quality management system certified according to the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2008 standard.

The company's production process is focused on creating quality products, where rigorous quality control is carried out in all production stages. Recognizing the need to respect the principles of sustainable development, Exalco has obtained certification according to the international standard EN 1801 for environmental management and its employees' health and safety.

Our company's environmental and occupational health and safety management systems are applied to all activities carried out in the company's factories, especially in the production and processing of molding products. 'aluminum and aluminum casting.

The company follows a clear and comprehensive policy that meets its customers' expectations, in possession of the CE certification of its products. Aware of the importance of these certifications concerning the company's performance, Exalco actively supports this effort by making investments. Until now, it has invested in various machines, such as a special sludge dryer, soft drink recycling machine, aluminum scrap recycling machine, and invested factory facilities with special gas filters.

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