Design Of Bespoke Systems



Facades become increasingly complex as architects push the limits of creativity and design a wide range of geometric features. The intricate shapes include details like multi-tone surfaces, cantilevers, bezels, lanterns, and canopies. Our facade teams have extensive experience with complex facade systems for low, and high rise buildings, which allows us to provide the best possible advice to developers and architects.

Building envelopes must also be wind resistant, support their load, be compatible with the supporting structure, and offer explosion resistance within predetermined limits, if applicable.


Exalco Systems B2B
Exalco Systems B2B

Whether we are working on a new cultural icon for a city or a high-end residential skyscraper, we always use an integrated design approach, working with other professionals on the project team, to create a cost-effective solution that ensures the desired image. . , constructability, durability, comfort, safety, and energy efficiency, as well as future maintenance, repair, and renovation work.


We provide our clients with the development of bespoke systems upon the architect’s vision.  Fluid state of building envelopes is our specialty.