chapter 2 - blend -

Our top most goal is achieving balance,

wellbeing and beauty.  We invent new

colours to animate their vision. This is

our idea of customization.

Our tailor-made products are specifically designed for the environment and the building of which they become part.

We create new production methods to satisfy our clients, invent new colours to animate their vision. This is our idea of customization, the way we work.

For us, meeting a new client means starting from a clean slate. And yet the passion and expertise acquired in nearly 30 years of activity making customized doors and windows, but also design furnishings and accessories, is always the same.

We are a small but ambitious company, whose approach to creation is typical of the renowned Italian workmanship and quality, in a production system based on knowhow and cutting-edge technology.

This winning combination allows us to create major projects capable of giving shape to any idea, no matter how innovative, ambitious or original.

We take care of the whole process down to the smallest detail, from first sketch on paper to installation, as we are aware that this is the way to guarantee quality, reliability, and results.